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Health insurance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Health insurance is insurance against the risk of incurring medical expenses among . per health fund compared to their market share [ The private health system in . Collectively, the public provincial health insurance systems in Canada are .

Market Power in Health Insurance, Effects on Insurance and Medical ...
EFFECTS ON INSURANCE AND MEDICAL. MARKETS*. H. E. FRECH III. I. INTRODUCTION. THE private health insurance industry is large and important.

Taxation, Health Insurance, and Market Failure in the Medical ...
Dec 3, 2007 . Taxation, Health Insurance, and Market Failure in the Medical Economy. Mark V. Pauly . the impacts of such public insurance. In order to .

Market-Based Failure — A Second Opinion on U.S. Health Care ...
Feb 7, 2008 . Great health improvements can be achieved through basic public health . The privately regulated medical market is signaling pressured .

Political divide

Sales in Poland: Healthcare/Medical Market
Dec 14, 2010 . Healthcare/Medical Market : a business tip about Sales in Poland, written by . The traditional public health care sector needs investment and . - Health Policy - Privatization of the medical ...
In fact, the privatization of the medical market, as part of the entire health care . into the public health care facilities, and the number of private doctors decreased .

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Healthcare Market Research Reports: Healthcare Industry Analysis
Find Healthcare Market Research Reports and industry analysis for market segmentation data, market growth and new business oppo. . of medical markets from private healthcare financing (insurance, managed care, . Public Health (33) .

The key role of health insurance in a cost-effective health care ...
Towards regulated competition in the Dutch medical market. . that the present Dutch health insurance system, in which 60% of the population is publicly insured .

health-care-medical-market-research - Industry Trends
Instant access to Complete Market Research for the Global Medical and . prosperity and economic growth that will last for years to come: A soaring global population; . The health care market in the U.S. in 2011 was made up of hospital care .

Medicalization, Markets and Consumers*
Dec 27, 2005 . insurance mediated medical markets and the . suggest that the public's tolerance for mild . of health care and decreased public regulation, .

Old-fashioned values

The Commercial Health Insurance Industry In An Era Of Eroding ...
School of Public Health, at the University of California, Berkeley . enter and exit particular states based on changes in payment rates and medical costs. . out of the private health insurance market are driving public programs into that market, .

The Individual Medical Insurance Market - American Academy of ...
increase the reliance on the individual medical insurance market to provide coverage . health coverage for about 5.4 percent of the nonelderly population, or 14 .

Econ 4999-001 Health Economics
What makes the health care market different from the market or other goods? . Kenneth Arrow (1963) “Uncertainty and Welfare Economics of Medical Care” The American Economic . How do we distribute health care across the population?

The Consequences of Rising Health Care Costs | Prognosis for ...
In the case of health care, it is a combination of both, but especially. . In fact, those markets least affected by insurance-medical services related to eye glasses-are precisely the . A research project of the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Jonathan Kolstad - Health Care Management Department
Among the population of hospital discharges in Massachusetts, the reform . Making in the Market for Health Insurance and Health Care Services , Medical Care .

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Price Behavior and Productivity in the Medical Market
public plans and proposals for health insurance, . portance to the population as a whole and . PRICES AND PRODUCTIVITY IN THE MEDICAL MARKET. 5 .

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Health & Medical Insurance in the US Market Research | IBISWorld
Market Research Report: Health & Medical Insurance Industry. . Furthermore, the aging population will stimulate demand for healthcare, creating growth in .

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Overview. In 2005, the Brazilian medical market was valued at US$2866MM, . Accordingly, the population and the health care sector are increasingly looking to .

Rockefeller Medicine Men Medicine and Capitalism in America by E ...
The Slate: Rationalizing the Private Market . Up Against the Medical Market . Public and private health insurance (really, medical care insurance) developed .

Health Insurance
Oct 19, 2006 . The Market for Health Insurance. It's impossible to determine whether one particular individual will suffer from a medical condition, such as a .

Fri Feb 27 16:56:17 GMT 2009 by Stephen Tash

Overcoming Bias : Medical Market Failures
Jul 21, 2009 . By Medical Market Failures | health July 21, 2009 at 7:46 pm . Public insurance does not have strong incentive to make me happy, but it has .

Society for Medical Anthropology (home)
Even as roughly 20 percent of Americans lack health insurance, health care . If medical anthropologists hope to affect how politicians, policymakers, public health . significant ideological investment in the efficacy of market-based medicine.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Detailed Summary ...
Prevention of chronic disease and improving public health. • Health care . implemented. Across individual and small group health insurance markets in all states, new rules will end medical underwriting and pre-existing condition exclusions.

Wood On Plastics: Medical Market Regains Health : Plastics ...
U.S. production of medical equipment and supplies will grow at an annual rate of . and populations are in Asia and Latin America, and these emerging markets are . few trained healthcare providers (and likely no health insurance providers).

Fri Feb 27 19:34:03 GMT 2009 by russell

So how do you explain the drop off of porn purchases in religious areas? Maybe the "liberals" feel so guilty about not going to church they stop buying porn? Then note they then catch up the rest of the week

Government Intervention in the Markets for Education and Health ...
classical economists marshal to support public intervention in private markets, and discusses the application of these arguments to education and health care.

Sat Feb 28 19:15:43 GMT 2009 by Scott hansen

High-cost children in public health insurance ... - Urban Institute
Health Insurance Programs . ines two public insurance programs: Medi- . the public policy issues surrounding the dynamics of the health care market and .

Minnesota Health Care Markets Chartbook
Sep 6, 2011 . Section 5: Public Health Insurance Programs – This section . MinnesotaCare, General Assistance Medical Care, the Prescription Drug .

Medical Plastics to 2012 - Market Research, Market Share, Market ...
Medical Plastics to 2012 - Demand and Sales Forecasts, Market Share, . 12 3 Medical Conditions 15 4 Health Insurance Coverage of the US Population, .

Sun Mar 01 01:59:17 GMT 2009 by fozzy

The Medical Device Market: Peru by Espicom Healthcare ...
Feb 14, 2012 . The Medical Device Market: Peru Espicom's in-depth medical device . PNP: Non -Public Providers: SIS: Health Insurance: Health Expenditure .

Executive Summary
American markets for innovation in pharmaceuticals and medical devices are second to . The proper role of competition in health care markets has long been debated. . 85 percent of the total U.S. population had health insurance coverage.

Fri Feb 27 20:28:09 GMT 2009 by Gunboat

Medical Plastics to 2012 - Market Research, Market Share, Market ...
Medical Plastics to 2012 - Demand and Sales Forecasts, Market Share, . 12 3 Medical Conditions 15 4 Health Insurance Coverage of the US Population, .

The Medical Device Market: Peru by Espicom Healthcare ...
Feb 14, 2012 . The Medical Device Market: Peru Espicom's in-depth medical device . PNP: Non -Public Providers: SIS: Health Insurance: Health Expenditure .

Markets and Medicine
health insurance that the market failures previously thought to be inherent in medical care could be remedied by fostering the growth of health maintenance . - Health Policy - The key role of health insurance ...
In the health care sector, however, this market mechanism does not work, partially because . In Section 4 it is argued why in a competitive medical market place, . On the one hand, there is a compulsory public health insurance plan in which .

Sat Feb 28 04:03:18 GMT 2009 by studdenfadden

How did someone with such solid logic wind up conservative?

Price elasticity of the demand for medical care: moral hazard related ...
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Michael . Abstract. Economic analysis of health insurance markets has long noted that insurance increases .

Designing a Mixed Public and Private Insurance System for the ...
Designing a Mixed Public and Private System for the. Health Insurance Market by Bryan Dowd. University of Minnesota. JANUARY 2009 .

Japan's Medical Device Industry: A Growing Market for Foreign ...
Japan's rapidly aging population and over-regulated medical market are burdening Japan's National Health Insurance system, which is currently losing over .

Alan Monheit - UMDNJ-School of Public Health
State Health Insurance Market Reform: Toward Inclusive and Sustainable Health . Health Care Policy: The Dynamics of Medical Expenditure and Insurance .

Sun Mar 01 21:06:03 GMT 2009 by Dobb's Head

Jeffersonian Health Policy Foundation -Single Payer vs. Market ...
A Nonpartisan Economic, Health and Public Policy Research Foundation . Journal of Medicine article "Market Based Failure--- A Second Opinion on U.S. Health Care Costs" . Market Failure — A New Opinion on U.S. Health Care Costs .

Seminars - Department of Population Medicine
Center for Global Health & Development Boston University School of Public Health "Evolution of Generic Medicine Market Share in the Pharmaceutical Retail .

Healthcare Economist · January 2012
Jan 30, 2012 . Does Obamacare Limit Profits for Health Insurance Companies in . health insurers in the individual and small group market to spend 80 . Section 2718 of the Public Health Services Act implements the minimum medical loss .

Sat Feb 28 16:03:39 GMT 2009 by Joe ger

Don't you love it when something you always new is proved by science!

health care medical market research - Health Care Industry Market ...
The health care market in the U.S. in 2011 was made up of hospital care (about . estimated that one-fourth of the uninsured are eligible for public programs but .

Iowa Health Insurance
Health insurance quotes, information and other resources for people in Iowa. . Johnson Foundation and the Population Health Institute at the University of Wisconsin. . with a history of medical problems in their family to purchase coverage. . get underwritten in the private market because of a pre-existing health condition.

Sun Mar 01 01:54:26 GMT 2009 by Ronnie

Medical Management After Managed Care - UC Berkeley, Health ...
. in health care. Medical management, the population-based effort to monitor and . pay for medical management as part of health insurance benefits. . markets wellness, disease management, catastrophic case management, and re- .

The Medical Device Market: UAE - market research report
The Medical Device Market: UAE, The UAE's economy is heavily dependent on the price of . The federal government has plans to introduce a national health insurance . A wide range of public health facilities are run by the Ministry of Health, .

Sun Mar 01 03:10:23 GMT 2009 by jeff


Amanda Kowalski Research
Her current research focuses on the effects of health insurance reform in . care, preventive care, labor market outcomes, and patient exposure to financial risk. She has also researched the price elasticity of expenditure on medical care and the . increase in average hospital costs for the insured population, consistent with .

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Preventing and Treating Diabetes: Health Insurance Reform and ...
Skyrocketing health care costs leave an increasing number of Americans . paying medical bills in the past year – 61 percent of whom had insurance. . Employer-based coverage in the current insurance market is eroding. . These rates of diabetes are greater than in the non-Hispanic White population, which has a rate of .

Sun Mar 01 08:21:23 GMT 2009 by Mitch Russo

The Outlook for Medical Devices in Latin America - GII
The eight Latin American medical markets are expected to grow by a CAGR of 4.6% . is mostly for the purposes of 'health tourism' , not the benefit of the local population. . The healthcare system is complex, and coverage is not yet universal.

BMC Health Services Research | Full text | Market failure, policy ...
There are many sources of market failure in health care that undermine the . If insurance, or public subsidies favour medical care, as is common, this will .

Mon Mar 02 19:19:23 GMT 2009 by Leah

Optimality, Efficiency, and Equity: A Comparative Analysis of ...
Sovereignty in the Medical Market . hygiene and clinical medicine supersedes public health initiatives . History of the Australian Health Care Market .

Better Medicine: Reforming Canadian Health Care - David Gratzer ...
All Canadians concerned about the state of health care in Canada should read this . to question their confidence in government-managed public health. . views, Better Medicine brings a free enterprise, market-drivenperspective to the .

Private medicine in socialist China: A survey of the private medical ...
characteristics of the private medical market in a major southern Chinese city-. Guangzhou . (a) doctors who have retired from public health care institutions; .

Mon Mar 02 19:52:56 GMT 2009 by

Medical Industry Overview, Medical Industry, Healthcare Industry ...
The medical and health care industry provides enormous employment . of medical professionals, this industry also utilizes the expert services of public policy . IT professionals, sales/marketing professionals and health insurance providers.

MedFeedback - Spanish Healthcare Facts
In this area, we provide a brief overview of facts about the healthcare market in . In Spain, there is a co-existence between the public health care system and . The social security system covers all medical services, except for optometrist, .

Incremental change in the Australian health care system - Tags ...
Health care markets in China and India have expanded rapidly. . Cost control, quality and evidence-based medicine; Population health and health priorities.

JEL Classification: I12
major threat to seeking medical care in rural population. Urbanization may well help develop the local community-based insurance market in rural areas, thereby improving . Clearly, health care in rural China remains a major public concern.

Sat Feb 28 21:31:39 GMT 2009 by TheHistorian

| The Ultimate Massachusetts Health Care Insider Information
12 hours ago. rates may be necessary to protect consumers in a health care market with such little transparency. Better care means lowering the cost of health care for everyone. . Community prevention and public health would allow us to better . the health care system including representatives of insurers, medical .

MMedsolution – Medical Dental Tourism Resource On-line - Medical ...
4 days ago . Philippines Medical Tourism Market Growing Unprecedentedly . private and public health insurance realms, increased insurance coverage .

Sat Feb 28 22:13:05 GMT 2009 by Tinroof

History and Health Care - American Journal of Public Health
jor questions of health policy to be faced in connection with a national health insurance program. What controls are to be placed on the medical market and who .

Patient Power Now | Because your health care is too important to be ...
1 day ago . Market-based alternatives to big-government health care reform · Will health . I' m featured in this Colorado Public Radio piece called “Health Care Ads: . If government is going to force taxpayers to finance medical care for .

The Economic Case for Health Care Reform | The White House
The report provides an overview of current economic impacts of health care in the . roughly one-quarter is estimated to be due to the aging of the population and other . no evidence of corresponding variations in either medical needs or outcomes. . Market imperfections in the health insurance market create incentives for .

The success of children's health insurance programs hinges on the program's . In order to reach the eligible population, successful outreach and marketing . in particularly for enrolling adolescents in the Children's Medical Security Plan.

Sun Mar 01 16:15:49 GMT 2009 by joe the honest

Luxury Primary Care, Academic Medical Centers, and the Erosion of ...
Instead, market forces have spurred for-profit health care companies to export the most inefficient, . The medical school's mission and the population's health.

Medical Professionalism in a Commercialized Health Care Market
medical practice holds in the labor market are not pres- ently threatened. . the mix of the health care workforce, but the central role of the physician as the manager . flicts of interest that could undermine public trust in the altruism of medicine.

Japan Remains the World's Second Largest Medical Market, After ...
Nov 15, 2006 . A rapidly ageing population has burdened the healthcare system both in . health insurance system offers great potential within the market.

Tue Mar 03 01:56:37 GMT 2009 by Knowledgeable Person

MediBlog | Promoting Market Based Medicine
3 days ago . Posted in Economics, Free market medicine, Health Care News, Health Law . You will also be forced to pay for insurance (that you can hardly even . bill of the senior population since senior citizens use health care so much .

Private Medical Insurance Set for Review in the UK : International ...
Dec 22, 2010 . The private healthcare market in the UK is set to grow in importance, with . The UK is a country where the majority of the population are only . A separate issue concerns the general purchase of private medical insurance.

Health care in the twentieth century: a history of government ...
Many people are left out of the insurance market, either because they can't get it or can't . health care in America (1880-1930) saw the establishment of the medical . and dental schools and hospital beds per unit of population as it has today.

Sun Mar 01 21:10:09 GMT 2009 by Dobb's Head

MIT Economics : Jonathan Gruber
Religious Market Structure, Religious Participation and Outcomes: Is Religion . Public Health Insurance and Medical Treatment: The Equalizing Impact of the .

Market forces and health care costs. Consolidation of medical ...
Competitors in the health care market place must be able to improve quality and . large segments of the insured public belong to an HMO, the medical costs in .

The Role Of The Individual Health Insurance Market And Prospects ...
The individual market is the only source of health insurance for the more than . of Americans not eligible for group or public health insurance, yet participation rates . Because the market is small, the medical spending by high-risk people who .

Sun Mar 01 14:46:48 GMT 2009 by Doug Cortney

Peru Medical Device Market | Medical Technology Market
Feb 14, 2012 . The Medical Device Market:Peru . Health services are predominantly provided in the public sector, although most facilities are severely .

Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the United States
within the market. There are many terms used to describe alternative approaches to health care; other terms used to describe CAM include holistic medicine, .

Universal Health Care
The United States spends twice as much on health care per capita ($7129) as any . is provided by the population, whether through compulsory health insurance, . This idea fits the broader definition of socialized medicine, but it is a distinctly . a free market society, and thus their beliefs may extend to health care as well.

Non-Clinical Physician Jobs, Careers, and Opportunities
2 days ago . Every state medical board has different requirements surrounding re-entry. . landscape of the health care delivery system in ways that were inconceivable a decade ago. . Open House for Jefferson School of Population Health . Encore Careers Bridging the Retirement Income Gap · Medical Marketing .

Mon Mar 02 15:13:42 GMT 2009 by knut

The Chilean market for medical equipment & supplies is . public healthcare budget to a record US$3.4 billion in 2006 which also added US$22.5 . Private health insurance spending and reimbursement in Chile is estimated at US$1.8 .

Consumer Choice in the Health Insurance and Provider Markets: A ...
public and private initiatives for measuring and collecting . of the health care market and the inad- equate supply of . Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical .

Mon Mar 02 16:58:11 GMT 2009 by cc

National Association of State Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans
Comprehensive Health Insurance for High-Risk Individuals: . to be, established by state governments to serve the medically "uninsurable" population. . and contribute an element of stability in key individual markets of the insurance system.

The Medical Device Market: Austria
Jun 17, 2011 . Espicom's in-depth medical device market reports are ideal for executives wanting to . The report also provides extensive background information, population trends, health status, health . Financing and Health Insurance .

How Government Destroys Medical Care | The Freeman | Ideas On ...
Apr 1, 2012 . The Lack of Understanding of Market Principles Endangers Us All . to make up for those closures, the Los Angeles County population has grown by . I learned the reasons for the health-care crisis after visiting an emergency .

Sun Mar 01 23:58:51 GMT 2009 by pornlover

HPM 208cd - Harvard School of Public Health
*Pauly, M.: "A Primer on Competition in Medical Markets", Chapter 1 (pp. 27-71) in Health Care in. America, edited by H.E. Frech III, Pacific Research Institute for .

SIC 6324 Hospital and Medical Service Plans - Description, Market ...
524114 (Direct Health and Medical Insurance Carriers) . It was first used by the U.S. Public Health Service to provide medical treatment for merchant seamen .

Mon Mar 02 00:24:24 GMT 2009 by Kyle

Conservatives aren't any good at getting porn for free, so they have to pay for it ;-)

How Does Private Finance Affect Public Health Care Systems ...
Acute Health Care Costs for the Aged Medicare Population: Overview and Policy Options. Milbank . Private Medical Insurance Market Sector Report 1999.

Tue Mar 03 03:25:53 GMT 2009 by Scott

Accident and Health Insurance Market Report for 2007
including a discussion of trends affecting our health insurance market. II. Comprehensive Major Medical Insurance. The biggest market for health care products .

Medical health insurance
Indian Health Insurance Market to Grow at CAGR of 26% by 2014 . only barely 82% of the total state's population that invests in health or medical insurance.

Tue Mar 03 18:15:14 GMT 2009 by Bob Qwerty


Medical Equipment Market in China 2010 - Sample.mp4 - YouTube
Sep 13, 2011 . China has the third largest medical equipment market in the world. . demand due to a large and ageing population, increasing healthcare provisions, . scale exports, strategy adopted by players and lack of health insurance.

Tue Mar 03 21:12:24 GMT 2009 by Chris

Healthcare Marketing Blogs | KBM Group: Health Services ...
Apr 25, 2011 . Individual Medical: An Opportunity Worth Exploring. Apr 25 . The individual health insurance market has reached a defining moment. Bolstered by . Almost 17% of the U.S. population has no health insurance. Of these 51 .

Are Health Insurance Companies Just In It For The Bucks?
Mar 29, 2012 . Activists Rally For Health Care Insurance Reform . Everyone knows it's the big, for profit, insurance plans that insure the bulk of America's population. . Service Only (ASO) medical market and that other nonprofit health plans .

Fri Oct 23 22:18:40 BST 2009 by Ulla

Here you can find a critical analysis of Edelman's research that was "built on a source long known to be completely false":

NewsBusters, "ABC News: Conservatives Are Biggest population health insurance medical market Consumers?"

And what about this:

Tick Talk, "Harvard's Benjamin Edelman Is A Hatemonger"

Coverage Matters: Insurance and Health Care
Roughly 40 million Americans have no health insurance, private or public, and the . Access to Medical Care in the U.S.: Who Has It, Who Doesn't. . Mapping State Health Insurance Markets: Structure and Change in the States' Group and .

The Register, "CDT attacks anti child-porn law"

Opportunities in Global Medical Devices and Diagnostics | Medical ...
However, as of late 2008, sales have declined in selected markets due to . crisis , which is placing severe cost constraints on health care systems as economic . on Cardiovascular Disease Exhibit 1-7: Estimated Distribution of Population and .

Sat Oct 24 19:11:12 BST 2009 by Ulla

PS: The Tick Talk article I mentioned says,

Healthcare Business Strategy - Medicaid Market Growth Opportunities
May 27, 2009 . CI Experts Discuss Navigating Health Insurance Market Changes . care for a population that tends to develop complex medical problems.

How probable is it that this "unmentionable source" is the porn industry itself? Do you need any stronger hint?


Fri Feb 27 16:35:09 GMT 2009 by Mike

Health System Strategic Plan Summary - Duke Medicine
network of medical service delivery for the general population and employer- . As the health care delivery arm of Duke Medicine, DUHS is dedicated to advancing the health . provide high-quality, efficient, and accessible care in this market.


Fri Feb 27 17:37:22 GMT 2009 by Joff

The Medical Device Market: Chile
Dec 8, 2010 . Espicom's in-depth medical device market reports are ideal for executives . provides extensive background information, population trends, health status, . mixture of public, private and social insurance, although the current .

there are two other public health insurance schemes, the Social Security and . Thailand Board of Investment values the Thai drugs and medical market to over .


Wed Mar 04 14:58:07 GMT 2009 by EDO

Freedom-of-Choice Medical Care: A System of Double Vouchers for ...
Submitted, by invitation, to the Health and Public Policy Committee of the . And the HCFA bureaucrats seem to care more about health care costs than quality. . have formulated elaborate plans to divide the medical market and to conquer .

Toward Universal Insurance Coverage: A Primer for Sexual and ...
In 2006, 46.5 million people—18% of the U.S. population younger than 65—were . For Americans younger than 65, the U.S. system of health care coverage . and small employer markets and reduce medical expenses by promoting the use .


Thu Mar 12 07:46:59 GMT 2009 by Bill

Chinese Medical Device Market Prospects Available throgh ...
Jan 7, 2011 . Bharatbook added a new report on "The Medical Device Market: . The report also provides extensive background information, population trends, health status, . The Chinese government expanded the health insurance .

rising medical prices have contributed to increased health care costs. In fact, aggregate . of output suffers from public intervention and regulations. In particu- .

The Outlook of Medical Devices in Central & Eastern Europe to 2016 ...
Mar 19, 2012 . The Russian medical market is potentially huge, given its population and . A system of medical insurance is in place, but it is badly managed .

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Conservative states spend most on porn (Image: Raymond Gehmann/Corbis)

Conservative states spend most on porn (Image: Raymond Gehmann/Corbis)


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00:00 02 May 2012

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance: Trends in Cost and Access
This article summarizes findings from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey ( MEPS) on employer-sponsored . The U.S. employer-based health insurance market provides insurance coverage to nearly two-thirds of the population under 65.

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16:10 30 April 2012

Economist's View: Market Failure
Mar 31, 2012 . The Supreme Court is undermining the public's confidence in its ability . As a result, unregulated health insurance basically doesn't work, and never has. . " Self-referred medical imaging has been shown to be an important .

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11:00 28 April 2012

Japan will take its last operational nuclear reactor offline next weekend – but the country may not remain nuclear-free for long

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11:35 27 April 2012

The clock's tick traversed an optical fibre 900 km long, paving the way for a network of synched clocks that could test Einstein's theory of gravity

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13:06 03 May 2012

A threatened tortoise species is obstructing plans to build huge power plants in the deserts of the US Southwest

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12:59 03 May 2012

We may not to realise the value of our personal information until it's too late

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11:18 03 May 2012

Crowdsourced film project 94 Elements aims to tell the stories behind the naturally occurring chemicals we take for granted

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10:30 03 May 2012

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit was shot at double the usual frame rate, but the visual feel of a preview left the audience cold

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Medical markets in something — Marginal Revolution
Feb 29, 2012 . @KLO, the 3rd party payer systems, both public and private waste a . The reason for this is that medical insurance has contracts with them .

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